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Nail Eamel - Cartwheel

Nail Eamel - Cartwheel

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A terrific nail wardrobe with glamorous shades to suit every mood and outfit, this glitter nail enamel that ensures you radiate charisma wherever you go. 
Shower the world with some sparkle and oomph with this nail polish series as it evenly suspends the shimmering effect on your nails. Each shade ensures you dazzle and delight with every flicker of light.


Intense glitter payoff
Long-lasting formula
Can be layered over other polishes for added dimension and drama.
Smooth finish


1- File your nails and clean up the cuticles.
2- Apply the base coat.
3- From the center of your nail pull upwards and glide the brush smoothly down to the sides in one stroke.
4- Once dry, apply another coat for a solid finish.
5- Protect the color with a clear top coat.
6- Seal the deal with a top coat.

Keep the bottle upright and tightly closed.