10 guaranteed ways to summer-proof your skin makeup using a foundation

10 guaranteed ways to summer-proof your skin makeup using a foundation

10 guaranteed ways to summer-proof your skin makeup using a foundation.

Already feeling the heat wave around you? It’s time to welcome the roasting summers of the UAE! 

While we dance to the tunes of the sun and the humidity seems unforgiving each day, we have no reason that our makeup doesn’t stay flawless all day long. Whoa!! We are girls and we know all the trade secrets to fresh and ever-flawless-looking skin!! All we need is the right foundation and some handy tricks up our sleeves. That’s all!! 

Quite interestingly, when we talk about choosing the right foundation for our skin, Armaf Beauté Parfaite Fix Liquid Foundation could be the one that meets all your beauty needs and desires. If you wish to have an incredibly lovely-looking skin all through the heat wave, here we are giving out just a few of our top secrets around our hot seller Parfaite Fix Liquid Foundation that comes in 8 shades to suit every skin tone. No matter how high the mercury soars, your face makeup will continue grabbing love like never before with this most loved skin makeup. 

Here we are unearthing 10 ways Armaf Beauté Parfaite Fix Liquid Foundation promises summer proofing your skin better than any other- 

  1. Long-lasting foundation

Every time we talk about the summer heat, beauty, and feeling fresh, the first thing is opting for a foundation that is potentially long-lasting wear. For women with busy schedules, or on a special event, who need their skin to look at its best for longer than usual, formulas like Armaf Beauté Foundation may work the best since it is recognized to last up to 24 hours. This unlocks the way for your makeup to stay striking from sunrise to sunset, even during the UAE summers.

  1. Perfecting your matte look

Dazzling beauty and shining with too much naturally secreted oil on the skin are two different things. Oily skin texture may simply spoil the show when you least expect it. However, it is easy to overcome this challenge with a foundation that offers a natural matte finish. Armaf Beauté Foundation is known not only to help control excess oil and shine but also to gift your skin a smooth and flawless form, perfect for those torrid summer days.

  1. Water and sweat resistance

This uniquely crafted formula is potentially the best of all beauty-enabling friends you ever needed. 

Ever felt your foundation endangered with your fervent wish of splashing some cool water on your face when your soul is high on heat? Or, did you ever have to face the trauma of cracking cake on the face with the streams of sweat melting off? 

You can still stay ahead of the game by choosing a water-resistant foundation. A genius, Armaf Beauté Foundation can transform your makeup goals since it is a reliable water and sweat-resisting skin product. A formula that boasts of water-resistant properties ensures your makeup stays in place for longer and stays smudge-proof throughout the day.

  1. Bold coverage for undefeatable protection

Want a look that is not cakey or looks over-passionately heavy? You may want to choose a buildable coverage formula whether you desire a delicate, lightweight tint or a subtle full coverage. Armaf Beauté Foundation allows you to have a tailored expression just as you prefer. This cosmetic is the secret behind the skin that looks exotically flawless without feeling heavy or cakey.

  1. Hydration 

Hydration is the one thing that our skin loves, especially that of the face. The traditional or undistinguished foundations usually were known to crack up easily on the skin. This breakage would intensify with the skin that was dry and rough in nature. As opposed to this old type of cosmetic, Armaf Beauté Foundation is known to be enriched with hyaluronate acid, a moisturizing agent. This element helps the makeup absorb into the outer layer of the skin while also keeping its perfect appearance with the right amount of hydration. Let your skin be absolutely comfortable, prevent patches and roughness. 

  1. Some extra TLC 

When your favorite foundation is Vitamin-enriched you can never settle for less than you deserve. You can treat your skin with Vitamins like C, E, and B5 with Armaf Beauté Foundation. You can open your arms to some great antioxidant protection and nourishment for your skin. These properties may help boost your skin's natural tone and radiance, oh so perfect, for those sun-kissed summer selfies. 

  1. Sun protection

While Armaf Beauté Foundation does offer some great nutrients and hydration to your skin, you may want to add some more love with sun protection. Have a layer of your favorite SPF for that extra protection against harmful UV rays. Bid goodbye to any potential skin damage. 

  1. Setting it up flawlessly

Parfaite Fix – Setting Powder will help you further lock in your makeup and secure it all day long. Never miss your setting powder that works wonders in absorbing excess oil and sweat. Keep looking fresh and matte, with a perfect glow even in the UAE kind of summer.

  1. Keep blotting 

Blotting paper is your best friend. Whichever skin care product you choose, a blotting paper may help you soak up the natural sebum or oil from your skin. Keeping a pack of blotting paper helps to avoid excessive shine and unwanted oiliness on the go. No matter how able your foundation is, some extra effort will ensure longevity for your makeup.

  1. Hydration in the spotlight 

It’s easier to spread some joy when one is happy from within. Similarly, it’s easier to glow from the outside when one is hydrated from within. As an act of self-care, you may want to ensure staying super hydrated from the inside. Drinking plenty of water and fresh liquids may simply up your foundation or makeup game, helping you stay fresh even in the scorching summers. 

Summer proof your makeup with these top 10 qualities you find in Armaf Beauté Foundation. Step out confidently out of home, no matter what the weather is. Experience your face makeup and stay flawless all day long. Hold on to that revolutionary matte tone, keep yourself hydrated, glorify your skin with some amazing nutrients, and never skip that SPF for an additional beauty boost. We wish you a summer that no more rings alarms at your beauty goals. 

Disclaimer - The information contained here is for educational and entertainment purposes only. The company does not take any responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.

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